What Is Manscaping?

Hey, gentlemen — have you ever thought of removing some unwanted hair...down there? You’re not alone! Manscaping is the act of trimming or grooming your body hair, and it’s an increasingly popular trend. While many people use the term “manscaping” to refer to grooming of the pubic area only, you can actually manscape virtually any part of your body that has unwanted hair. This may include shaving your chest hair, trimming your armpits, or waxing your back. Manscaping, however, is about so much more than just hair removal. It’s an act of self-care that can help you look and feel your best.

At Body By Corium, we offer a variety of premium manscaping services to help men love the skin they’re in. Our aestheticians can target any area of the body with unwanted hair, including the back, chest, arms, legs, armpits, and entire pubic region, including the perineum, scrotum, and shaft. Whether you want a full manzilian or a little upper body trimming, we have the expertise to get the job done. To get started, book an appointment at our Fort Lauderdale manscaping studio today!

The History of Manscaping

Though manscaping may seem like a new trend, it actually has a long and storied history. Dating back to ancient Egypt, manscaping was first practiced by pharaohs who would shave their heads and meticulously groom their beads as a sign of wealth and luxury. Meanwhile, ancient Greeks considered young men much sexier without any body hair, and older men would regularly manscape to maintain a youthful appearance. Romans, on the other hand, considered body hair to be the essence of masculinity, so hair removal was reserved for women only.

Over the centuries, manscaping trends have shifted from baldness to burliness over and over again.The rise of the Industrial Revolution saw an increase in manscaping practices as cheaper and more precise grooming tools became available. During WWI, the army began to shave soldiers’ heads to combat disease, and when the men returned from war there was a sudden popularity boom in the crew cut style. While the wild child days of the 1960s saw a return to the return of long hair days of earlier, by the early 90s the modern art of manscaping had truly arrived, when the invention of the Brazilian wax led to the invention of the manzilian.

Manscaping Today

Today, manscaping is more popular than ever before. It is no longer a means for the wealthy to exhibit their affluence, but an act of self-care. Not only does manscaping help men look more attractive, but it also helps them avoid pubic pain from tugging and snagging hair. On top of this, manscaping lets men achieve a greater level of cleanliness than they would have otherwise by preventing trapped sweat, bacteria, yeast, and odor. In short, a man who manscapes is a man who treats himself and his body with respect.

Methods of Manscaping

At Body by Corium we use four different methods of male grooming — waxing, shaving, trimming, and our signature Manzilian Facial. Clients can opt for one of these services or a combination. Looking for a trimmed chest and waxed pubic area? How about a shaved back with trimmed arm hair? No matter what you desire, our aestheticians can get the job done with precision and care!

Waxing is a great option for men who want longer-term hair removal, as it causes less regrowth between appointments than shaving and, when done frequently enough, can even cause hair to stop growing back altogether. We use premium European wax to ensure the ultimate in luxury and comfort. With waxing, you will get gentle exfoliation and less itchiness and prickliness than you would with shaving.

Shaving, however, has its own benefits. It is less painful than waxing, and requires less time for preparation and application, meaning you get in and out of the studio faster. While shaving is generally less expensive than waxing, it does require more frequent appointments, which can add up. At Body by Corium, we apply a nourishing, high-quality shaving cream to our customers before shaving them with a new razor to ensure their comfort and safety.

For a more natural-looking manscape, we recommend trimming. Our clients love this method because it’s an economical way of looking great and testing out a lessy hairy appearance without having to commit to full hair removal.

If you want the ultimate manscaping experience, however, we recommend trying our Manzilian Facial. This luxury spa treatment for your pubic area eliminates ingrown hairs and razor bumps through exfoliation, steam, extraction of ingrown hairs, and a mask for ingrown hairs, leaving you with smooth, sexy skin.

Why Use a Professional Manscaping Studio?

Attempting to manscape at home can pose the risk of serious injury. For instance, it’s a lot easier than you might think to accidentally nick or cut your nether region when shaving or trimming. In addition, at-home waxing kits, if incorrectly used, can cause major chemical burns. Furthermore, at-home manscaping can often result in an even more unkempt appearance than you had to begin with. This is why we recommend to always go to a sanitized professional manscaping studio for trimming or grooming your body hair.

If you live in the Fort Lauderdale area and are looking for a luxury manscaping experience, turn to Body by Corium. We offer shaving, trimming, and waxing for men, as well as our signature Manzilian Facial. Book an appointment today!